Sunday, March 24, 2013


Over the past month, I've received invitations to a wedding, a bridal shower, and a double communion.  All 3 of these blessed events are taking place within a month of each other.  Does it make me a horrible person that all I can think about is how bloody expensive the month of April is going to be?

Don't get me wrong, I'm honored to have been invited to all of the things.  I guess I'm just a cheap bastard who wishes that maybe they could have been spread out a little better.  Because we all know that even if I were to decline any of said invites, I would still feel like an a-hole if I didn't send a check or a gift.

And did I mention that one of them is in fricking Poughkeepsie?  

While we're on the topic of get-togethers, am I alone in thinking that having an engagement party AND a bridal shower before the wedding might make Emily Post shudder in her grave?  If you invite all the same people to all 3 events, you do realize that you're basically asking them for THREE gifts, right?

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