Friday, March 8, 2013


I'm 100 years old.

Apparently, going out on a school night and not getting to bed until 11:30 is something I can't do anymore.  After I got home from work yesterday, I was exhausted.  So exhausted, that I didn't even blog.  Not even a phone-it-in post in the form of a Sadie picture.  I don't like that I'm one down in this here Forced March.  

I'm home from work today, due to my intense fear of snow-driving and the fact that I have what feels like a cage fight going on in my uterus. (The joys of being a lady!)  I plan on making up for some serious lost sleep as well as gearing up for another night at the (UN)FAIR to watch Charlie read.  There will also be some grocery shopping and cleaning taking place to prepare for the brunch guests we will be having over tomorrow.  This entertaining thing is fabulous, especially when you have a chef in the house.

Here is a pic of my favorite painting from the show.  I love that the creepy little bastard is all, "Go ahead.  I dare you to try and make it up those stairs."

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