Monday, March 4, 2013


As previously mentioned, I recently moved.  As much as I loved my old apartment, it was tiny.  And had electric heat.  That I had to pay for.  So when C and I were looking for a new place, it was a requirement that we not have to pay for heat and hot water.  Other requirements were two bedrooms instead of one, dogs had to be allowed, no exorbitant realtor fee, and it had to be awesome.

We found it.

The new place is great.  Beyond free heat and hot water, it's almost twice the size of the old place and it's in the center of town.  We can walk places!  The Wellmont is on the same street, so if there ever happens to be a show that is not Matchbox Twenty, that would be nice.  And most importantly, the wonderpug has settled in nicely and seems to enjoy her new digs.

Now if we could just find a rug and some stuff to put up on the walls...

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